Art Exhibits

The Gathering Place at CPC hosts rotating art shows, showcasing the creations of church members and community members throughout the year.

CPC’s art committee believes that God gives all of us talents of great worth to create and share beauty in all of the arts with others. Their mission is to provide an opportunity in our Church to showcase that talent for the members and the public.

“Free Range Art” by Sue Ann Foster, as seen on May 16 & 24, 2021

Born in Kansas, Sue Anne Foster worked as an interior designer in Chicago. She joined the Peace Corps and accepted an assignment in Uganda, E. Africa where she got a rich cultural education while teaching high school and Junior college. Chicago and Uganda greatly expanded her world view from her conservative roots. Upon her return to the U.S., she trained in Ohio as an Art Therapist in a clinical setting for 5 years. She earned an MA in Art from Sac. State Univ., and a Ph.D. in Education. Sue Anne taught Art as a sabbatical replacement at Chico State. Then, for 10 years, taught future teachers at CSUS.  She also developed and taught a class for 20 years at American River College for the public called, “Tapping Your Creative Potential,” offering assignments to bridge a trust in the creative process for anyone who was open to the venture. She got started in sculptures when she met a friend after the Peace Corps. Her friend created art out of found objects and would add metal to her paintings. Sue Anne was amazed by her friend’s talent, so she tried it herself. It opened her eyes to a new creative venture ahead in making sculptures.

Sue Anne finds ART has been a steady companion through different life chapters, including breast cancer in 1993. This experience led to being a part of a team of breast cancer survivors who climbed Mt. Aconcagua in Argentina. This effort was the subject of a PBS Documentary about Expedition Inspiration.

“In Living Color” by Karen Orlando, as seen on May 9, 2021

Karen Orlando is a woman of many talents and a deep abiding faith.  With husband, Steve and four children, they have been CPC members for over 20 years.  Karen has always been active in the church, teaching Adult Education classes, Vacation Bible School, has written/directed CPC Drama productions, helps with SOS and the Food Closet.  And that’s just a few of the many things she enjoys doing, along the loving service of being an Elder and Deacon.

Her interest in painting began about eight years ago.  Her journey began as her way to help a best friend who had lost their only child.  As an art therapy to help with such grief, they both took Art classes together.  They have been taking classes ever since!  In painting with acrylics, Karen believes that her painting is one of God’s gifts.  She says, “Nothing happens on the canvas without the Holy Spirit filling my heart.  I could never paint on my own.  God is good.”

“Alcohol Ink Painting” by Carol Brown, as seen on May 2, 2021

Raised in Sacramento and a creator of art from an early age, Carol Brown has always been drawn to nature and the colors around her.  Carol’s arts were a constant influence before and during her elementary teaching years.  She felt it natural to return to her passion full time, once she retired.

At first, Carol loved making fabric art.  Taking the small pieces of fabric and sewing them onto a piece of canvas creating something like a picture quilt.   That lead to a mixed media approach using the fabric, tissue paper and paint. This process was adhered to a stretched canvas. She periodically continues to do this.

However, her current medium of choice is far different, alcohol inks. This has given Carol more freedom to express herself than her previous mediums used.  The inks flow freely when applied with isopropyl alcohol and tend to have a mind of their own. One vision may become another, many times not knowing where it will end, and thus… “The Journey of Art.”  To view all of Carol’s art, you can view her website at

“Alaska by Ship, Bus, Plane, and Train!” by Clair Daugherty, as seen on April 25, 2021

Do you want to see Alaska?  Photographer Clair Daugherty, and his wife Shirley, chose a travel package allowing them to enjoy Alaska up close via multiple ways to travel.

Their first leg was by ship from Seattle, WA to Seward, AK.  Then they took a commercial airplane to Fairbanks, AK., and the second leg was a bus ride to the train station, with views of gorgeous landscape.  The third leg was the train ride to Anchorage.  So far, each leg had its own highlights, but the most enjoyable for them was the journey from Fairbanks to Anchorage by train.  This was not just any train, but one with a large viewing car.  The train trip included a lovely meal, prepared each every day, for three days.  Although this type of trip could have been all in one day, the excursion made overnight stops in luxury hotels at Denali National Park and Talkeetna.  Each stop allowed time to explore local communities and take part in planned itinerary.  Their next exciting leg of the trip was in Talkeetna, where they chartered a small plane for an up-close, personal view of Mount Denali.  Equipped with snow ski landing gear, the plane landed on one of Denali’s glaciers!  No other place had they experienced the scale of flowing glaciers and vertical relief of snow and ice-covered mountains.  The last leg was when they arrived in Anchorage, spending the night and then back home.

Clair took over 400 pictures.  It was during September when all the golden colors of fall leaves were magnificent.  The tour guide called their area the “Golden State” during these gorgeous months.  Alaska is a “must-see” trip!

“Spring Tradition – CPC Women’s Retreat” written by Kathy Daigle with photography by Phil Mishler, Bruce & Sharon MacLean, and Bob & Doris Beckert, as seen on April 11, 2021

For Many of the women of CPC, spring is a time when they journey together to  Zephyr on the shores of Lake Tahoe for the annual CPC Women’s Retreat.  It is a treasured tradition for friends, mothers and daughters of many ages.

A weekend away.  A time for taking in the beauty of the lake.  A time for singing, listening to God’s word, sharing with one another, nature walks, and late-night movies, games, gatherings and lots of laughter.  The gift of time to be together.  What a gift and truly a treasured tradition.

“Lent in the Holy Land” by Aimee Studer and Whitney MacLean, as seen on April 4, 2021

CPC members Aimee Studer and Whitney MacLean have known each other around 20 years. They met at Westminster Woods when Whitney was a camper and Aimee was a summer staffer. In later years after working together at Westminster Woods, they have grown to be close friends.

In March of 2018, during Lent, they had an opportunity to travel to Israel through First Presbyterian Church of Santa Rosa and Jerusalem University College. The two-week course was an introduction to the historical and geographical settings of the Bible.  It strengthened their faith and understanding of the Bible to explore scripture in the actual location in which it was written.

Some of the places they visited included Jerusalem, Herodium, Bethlehem, Judean Wilderness, Jericho, Masada, Qumran, Caesarea, Nazareth, Sepphoris, Banias, Golan Heights, and Capernaum. Aimee was also able to complete the extended program in Jordan and visited Jerash, Petra, Mount Nebo and other biblical cities.  Their instructor was Biblical Scholar, Author and President of Jerusalem University College, Dr. Paul Wright.

“Chancel Stained Glass” by Jimmi and Phil Mishler, as seen on March 28, 2021

The Chancel window discovery is an amazing piece of happenstance.

The Cummings Studio in San Francisco sketched the original designs of our stained-glass windows.  For our 75-Year Anniversary book, Jimmi Mishler was in search of the historical information on window drawings for CPC.  The studio said the files were lost in a company move from S.F. to Massachusetts.   Jimmi reached the new owner (the son who had taken over the business from his father).  The son said he would be glad to look for any old information that he still may have.  During the conversation, he asked Jimmi if we had ever completed the Chancel windows.   Jimmi had no idea what he was talking about.  He dug into the files (then stored in his attic), and sent Jimmi the rough designs of the chancel windows, drawn in 1951.  The old windows in our church had been covered and utilized for other purposes all these years.  So, it took several more years before we could get the Chancel walls rebuilt to their original design, raise memorial gifts and get the windows installed.   The Chancel window designs were only in sketching, so Keith and Jenny DeVries’s friend, Geraldine Ensminger (a fabulous stained-glass artist) brought them to life with color as she constructed all 8 windows to their original design.  These new windows were installed in 2013.  Phil Mishler took these pictures of the windows.

Sketches from Cummings Studio files showed that these windows were to contain symbols depicting the life of Christ: Annunciation, Nativity, Epiphany, Baptism, Transfiguration, Crucifixion, Resurrection, and Ascension.

“In Every Season” by Kathy Daigle as seen on March 21, 2021

Kathy Daigle is a CPC member, artist, and spiritual director.  She enjoys being in nature, capturing glimpses of God’s gifts through her iPhone lens.  “In Every Season” reminds Kathy of Ecclesiastes 3:1-11, as it promises us “To everything there is a season and a purpose to everything under heaven.” Her photos of colorful buds and blossoms is where she thinks of God who created the garden of Eden. A place of beauty and peace, a place filled with wonder.  A garden to delight us in every season! So, Breathe in. Gaze with wonder. See the beauty. Give thanks. Rejoice and be glad. “God makes everything beautiful in His time.” Amen.

“Thrilled with our CPC Guild” – Quilting Series 2 – as seen on March 14, 2021

“Thrilled with Our CPC Guild” (Quilting Series 2), showcases quilters:  Viki Tozier, Mary MacDonald, and Sally Willey.   This is the second series, and more will be shown in other Quilters Series throughout the year.

Viki Tozier: Viki has enjoyed sewing for most of her adult life, but never ventured into quilting until a former co-worker (and quilting instructor) thought it would be fun for several office friends to make a “mystery “quilt. Over the course of a few months, they would periodically receive instructions, but we had no idea what it would look like at the end!  The green and ivory quilt is the final result.  During the pandemic, Viki completed another quilt.  She has also made quilts for gifts and some “just because”.  She has also helped with the “We are the Branches” hanging in the Sanctuary, as well as the Pentecost paraments.

Mary MacDonald: Mary made her first quilt in her late 20s, which was a star pattern, was all done by hand.  She made another, by hand, and has given them both as gifts.

Senior Quilt Project Begins:  Mary thought that after those two quilts, this was the end of her quilt making until CPC member, Lynn Shultz, introduced the Stepping Stones program to CPC.  Though there are a number of steps in a child’s faith journey, the last step is their graduation from high school.  Wondering what special gift could be given to them, Mary just happened to be watching a sewing TV show, where they had two women who had a quilting project they started for their church.  Their pattern was simple and beautiful.  Mary started making Senior quilts for CPC graduates, and this annual tradition has continued throughout the years.  They are the only quilts Mary makes now.  It takes about 8 hours to make a quilt.

Sally Willey: Coming from a large family, CPC member, Sally Willey learned to sew at an early age, making her own clothes.  She started quilting over 30 years ago, taking a class with friends.  She has always loved crafts, stained glass, and sewing.  Sally is the one who made many of our treasured liturgical quilts:  the Dove, the Communion quilt, the Pentecost quilt, and others too.  She also donates fabulous homemade tablecloths and napkins at our annual “Planting Seeds of Faith” Church Auction, supporting our youth.

“Thrilled with our CPC Guild” – Quilting Series 1 – as seen on March 7, 2021

As the Art Committee started our journey talking to quilters in our congregation for a show, we knew there would be quite a few people to interview. Our quest led us to getting to know how the quilters each began in their sewing experience. Since there are so many wonderful quilters, each with their own story, we are sharing them with you in a Quilters Series throughout the year.  The first two series will be shown in March.

We begin with Quilting Series 1 and three wonderful quilters and their stories.

Chris Beeby: Growing up, Chris’ mother was an excellent seamstress who made beautiful clothes for Chris and her sister.  From her mother’s tutoring, Chris learned how to sew too.  Even years later Chris made many of her own college clothes.  She started quilting after retiring from her elementary school teaching years, by signing up for a class.  She discovered the joy of patterns and fabrics to make gifts for family and friends.  She also turned quilting into fun “quilting retreats” to a friend’s Sea Ranch home where they would have a great time, and do some quilting together too.

Kate Erlich: Kate learned how to sew at as a young girl, and her mom quilted.  She loved the years of patchwork quilting with our CPC Dorcas Sewing Circle too. Then she got hooked with her first “crazy quilting” class.  Rather than the precision format of traditional quilts, crazy quilting combines random shapes of vibrant color—often velvet and silk embellished with buttons, lace, and detailed embroidery.  Kate prefers small wall hangings that tell a story, preserves a memory, or are just plain whimsy, which is usually a gift for someone she loves.

Linda Hatch: Linda remembers seeing her grandmother with quilting friends sit around a huge quilting frame when she was a child, and as an adult she always wanted to learn how to quilt. She finally took classes when she retired. The main quilting Linda does now are lap robes, as a member of the CPC Dorcas Circle.  The lap robes are part of the emancipation baskets for the foster care youth.  She also truly enjoys other small quilting projects such as table toppers and baby quilts.

“Stop and Look Around” by Sharon MacLean, as seen on February 28, 2021

Sharon MacLean loved taking photos from a very young age, after acquiring her older sister’s hand-me-down big, green Girl Scout camera.  Years later, she met Bruce, and they both discovered their love for photography.  She has never taken any photography courses and just got better with lots of practice. She also learned some technical skills from her husband, Bruce. Her favorite photos are of nature and travel, providing great joy and stress relief too.

Sharon says that it has been fun for them both to have a common hobby that also turned into a sideline business for the past two decades (family and senior portraits, weddings and events, along with selling art online). So, she and Bruce often bring their cameras, enjoying what they are doing, and take pictures.

Beauty can be found all around us, in big and grand places around the world or in the tiniest details in our own yard, if we just take the time to stop and look around.

“Black and White Preferred?” by Clair Daugherty, as seen on February 21, 2021

As an avid photographer, Clair Daugherty uses many of his senses to get just the right shot from his camera lens.  Clair says, “Certain pictures just beg to be printed in black and white.”  “Grayscale” (using a range of shades of gray tones) photography can appear more dramatic.

Years ago, Clair used his dark room to make negatives come to life.  In the dark room, he could bring out more contrast using a clear colored filter to enhance the print by exposing the picture between the negative and the paper. A red filter would darken anything that was red in the original picture, green darkens green, and blue darkens blue, and so on.  Dodging or over-exposing film to lighten or darken small areas of the print was also an enhancement he used.  Dark rooms involve a lot of time and chemicals, whereas, these tricks are still available in modern photography software programs and take far less time to see the results, which is now his preferred choice.

Clair enjoys all these aspects of photography, and he hopes you will enjoy the results of these too.  Some of his photography was taken in black and white and not converted from color.

“Noteworthy Art” by Phawnda Moore, as seen on February 14, 2021

Phawnda Moore is a calligrapher and author.  She remembers her calligraphy introduction in the 1970’s.  Phawnda recalled, “I took a college course in calligraphy.  I watched the instructor make these beautiful letters . . . and a light went on.  I continued with his instruction for another three years!”  And they are still good friends today.

With a graphics design background, her artistry extends into many areas, including greeting cards and special event projects.  She has designed, illustrated and published 15 books for other authors (including two Christian books) and most recently, her own book, “Lettering from A to Z.”  Phawnda enjoys keeping the art of letter writing alive by organizing international mail art exchanges. She loves teaching classes, and has received national recognition and awards for her work.  For more information, go to Phawnda’s websites,

“Expressions” by Vincent Farley as seen on February 7, 2021

Vincent Farley is the grandson of Tim and Barbara Farley.  He is a portraiture artist, who uses colored pencils and paint for the majority of his work.  He loves doing portraits of people, animals, and outdoor pictures as well.  From Los Angeles, he started studying visual arts at age 14 and has developed his skills into a large breadth of work.  Currently at UC Berkeley (Social Work and Spanish), he hasn’t had as much time to devote to his meditative and rewarding artwork.  Vincent says he finds the “face” to be the canvas of our bodies; it expresses our inner thoughts, dreams, and desires sometimes beyond our control.   His art communicates emotions and messages, being able to study and reimagine faces and expressions in a beautiful way, to understand other people and their inner lives.

“Just Snow” Photography by Clair Daugherty as seen on December 27, 2020

Snow sculpture events are extremely popular worldwide.  Lake Tahoe’s Northstar Ski Resort put on two events in late January 2013 and 2014. These events attracted teams for Canada, Finland, Germany, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, Wisconsin and of course Tahoe. The three-member teams were given 20-ton blocks of snow and were allowed to use only hand tools snow and water to create their sculpture ready for judging. On display all day and lit up at night created quite a wonderland for the viewers. These events are short lasting (only five days), so if you hear of one, don’t dally or you will miss the fun and joy of seeing what can be made of just snow.

 Christmas Series: “Crosses and Candles” by Kathy Daigle as seen on December 20, 2020

(Pictures: Kathy Daigle and Paintings: Sheila Mun Jacobs)

In these dark days of winter, we look for signs of hope as we await the birth of the promised Christ child. We look for light to dispel the darkness. We wait on God. We wait with God. Like the Magi, we look for a bright star in the darkness to lead and guide us. We look for a sign, for the light.

Crosses and candles give us hope when we are feeling lost and alone.

The flickering of candlelight warms our hearts, reminding us that Jesus is the light of the world. We are drawn to the flames, to the light. And the cross is a symbol of our Christian faith, reminding us of God’s love for us and his amazing grace. He sent his beloved son to save us, to be the light of the world.

During this Advent season, may God’s love and light shine through us to dispel the darkness, to give hope to one another. As promised, the Christ child will be born, bringing hope to all the world. May there be peace on earth. Amen.

 Christmas Series: “Our Beloved Nativities” as seen on December 13, 2020

Nativity sets can be as simple as Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus.  Or more elaborate with a stable, angels and a star, shepherds and sheep, three wise men and camels, plus a donkey and cows.

Several members and friends sent us their special nativities for this show. Thanks to all who shared their cherished family nativities, as we love to tell the Christmas story of God’s perfect gift.

 Christmas Series: “Advent Anticipation – Our Church Decorated” as seen on December 6, 2020

The liturgical season of Advent begins each year at Christmas time. This is a season of hope. This is a time of waiting, hoping, and to prepare our hearts for the coming of God’s gift.

At CPC we enjoy many beloved traditions during the season of Advent. We love to decorate our sanctuary to celebrate this season. We love to sing favorite hymns, enjoying the music of our choir and rejoicing as the bells ring. Each week we light our Advent candles.

And we love to hear the Christmas story again and again as we journey to Bethlehem. We, too, follow that bright star to a stable where we find Mary, Joseph & baby Jesus. Oh, how we love to re-live the shepherds surprise as the angels sing for joy! Then the Magi arrive, bringing their gifts. Advent, Christmas and Epiphany. ‘Tis the season to rejoice and celebrate!

 “A Little of This; A Little of That” by Joan McMurray as seen on November 29, 2020

Joan McMurray enrolled in drawing classes at American River College when her enriched her knowledge and skills in different medias through continued workshops at ARC and the Mendocino Art Center.  This show is about 3 different areas she enjoys: oils, pastel, and silk.

Joan started painting with oils.  She loves how you can do so much with them, painting on thin, thick, layering it, and more.  She also discovered just how vibrant and beautiful the art of pastels could be.  Using pure pigment to draw and paint was a challenge.  Joan says, “Working with silk dyes is exciting.  A variety of techniques are used to create scarves, wall hangings and paintings of landscapes and still life.  The paintings I create are bright and colorful.  The silk scarves are wearable art.”

Joan is a CPC Art Committee member who has been instrumental in helping us with show changes in our Gathering Place over the years.  She has won awards at Sacramento County Fair and the State Fair Cal Expo in the creative arts section.   And Joan is also a member of the Northern California Arts, Inc. and the Sacramento Fine Arts Center.

“Thankful For” with images from Sharon MacLean, Priscilla Mauerman, Sheila Mun Jacobx, Matthew Lillie, Kathy Daigle, Lori Keeney, and Clair Daugherty as seen on November 22, 2020

Give thanks with a grateful heart.  Autumn is the time to gather in the harvest & give thanks. A time to count our blessings. A time to remember that everything we have is a gift from God above. We are saved by amazing grace, by the gift of his beloved son.  So, give thanks.  Give thanks for every breath we take, for family, friends & faith, for all things big & small.

“Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise;
give thanks to him and praise his name.
For the Lord is good and his love endures forever;
his faithfulness continues through all generations.”

~Psalm 100

“Canyons Revisited” by Clair Daugherty as seen on November 15, 2020

Clair Daugherty is a CPC Member and one of his incredible hobbies is photography.  (He also enjoys being a master woodworker and updating his truck.)  On Clair’s last trip to Utah, he visited three National Parks:  Bryce Canyon, Zion,  Capitol Reef National Parks, along with some state parks in those areas.  It was in the spring; just in time to see some early blooming flowers.  As they drove through the higher elevations, Clair and his wife Shirley noticed the weather quickly changed.  They were being snowed on, and it was glorious!

For many of these pictures, Clair got out of the car and walked a few miles in the slot canyons  (dry stream beds at the time he was there).  He saw beautiful rock formations with some vertical walls and a few blooming cacti and other similar type plants.

Anyone who visits this area will surely have a breathtaking experience!  If you haven’t seen the Utah canyons, you will be in awe of the magnificence of this area.  And if you have, you will be reminded of its grandeur, as you revisit it through Clair’s incredible photography.

“Honoring Our Heroes” compiled by Craig Morris and CPC’s Art Committee as seen on November 8, 2020

In recognition of Veteran’s Day (November 11th), we gratefully appreciate all those who serve and have served our great country, to secure our way of life and our freedom.   Craig Morris and the CPC Art Committee gathered a few pictures of military medals, ribbons and insignia for this show.  We reflect on the pride and glory of all our veterans, as we also show the gallantry that veterans demonstrate, through accoutrements earned during their honorable military service to our nation.

CPC Member, Craig Morris, retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel is a Veteran’s Administrator who talks to veterans (and their spouses) about the variety of programs, benefits, and services.

VETERANS – Thank you so very much for your honorable service. You are our heroes!

“Angels on High” by Sally Durante as seen on November 1, 2020

Sally Durante has been an artist since she was four years old.  She talks about her years of painting in the following way: “I grew up and became an “employee”, not in the art field. But it was the artist in me that got me thru 44 years of working for a living. I subsidized my income and paid for Christmas’s with my art skills. Remember shop windows decorated for the holidays?  I was one of those artists who bundled up, and climbed up and down a ladder to paint and transform the shop window into a Winter Wonderland, with elaborate, beautiful snow scenes and Santa; all hand painted! It was so fun, and I started the day after Thanksgiving all the way through Christmas.”

After grieving the loss of three most special people within 6 months, it really broke her heart.  During this healing process, Sally found peace whenever drawing or painting. One day, while sketching, she noticed that all she had created for a solid year was just Angels. It was all she wanted to paint, and that journey made her feel good again.  Sally proclaimed, “Painting Angels reminded me of the Love and Protection all around us, and that Hope teams with Faith and believes in the impossible. Hope is the confident expectation of what God has promised and its strength is in His faithfulness. I had Hope again.  And I am Thankful and Grateful indeed! The Angels I paint vary from realistic to abstract, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I love painting them.”

“Nature’s Fall Festival” as seen on October 25, 2020

Fall – When the sun takes a step back, and a new season emerges.  Just look and listen.

There’s a brilliant, colorful abundance of changing leaves, that rustle in a breeze, or when kids jump in them too.  Flocks of migrating geese and sandhill crane try to keep their formation as they head south for the winter.

Whether relaxing and reflecting or enjoying the outdoors, there’s a mosaic of change all around us.  We are grateful for God’s beautiful bounty of color, harvest, warmth and grace.

Enjoy nature’s festival during this colorful season and through our Fall Art Show.  These paintings and photos are from several artists.  We thank them all for participating in our fall Art Show.  Included are:  Priscilla Mauerman, Sheila Mun Jacobs, Jackie Keller, Kathy Daigle, Clair Daugherty, Terry Sweeney, and Lori Keeney.

“Fabric Art” by Penny S. Hanscom as seen on October 18, 2020

Penny Hanscom creates quilt art that looks like a painting.  Mastering a process that goes far beyond mere quilting, she creates intricate collages, many times utilizing hundreds of pieces of fabric.  Each tiny piece of fabric is carefully selected to contribute to the larger composition.

Penny creates images that are often inspired by the people and events of daily life.  But she also finds inspiration from art history and the great masters.  Whether creating a complex Courbet still life or a realistic interpretation of Rene Magritte’s quiet surrealism, what comes through most is her attention to detail and her solid understanding of color and depth.  Her landscapes in particular possess a convincing sense of spatial depth that one doesn’t often see in fine art fiber collages.

Hanscom’s award-winning artworks have been shown in galleries throughout the states, including the Crocker Art Museum and California State Fair.  Her works are also included in the American River College Permanent Art Collection and private collections.  “Art is a large part of who I am and what I do,” says Hanscom.

“Kids Connection”  thanks to Lisa Benadom as seen on October 11, 2020

Through her love and care, Lisa Benadom (CPC Member/Deacon) created the project of working with kids and senior members of our church who are homebound.  In an effort to lift the spirits of our Senior Citizens, CPC Board of Deacons launched Operation Kids Connection. Young people in our community were called upon to draw pictures of what they thought our homebound members would enjoy receiving.  Children were told that many elderly folk were feeling lonely and sad, having to stay at home right now and that art work might really help brighten someone’s day.

We are so grateful to all the children who, through the works of their hands, demonstrated love and compassion.  Kids connecting with Senior Citizens . . . Mission Accomplished!

“Out and About”  by Sachiko Mishler as seen on October 4, 2020

Sachiko Mishler is the daughter-in-law of CPC Members, Phil and Jimmi Mishler.  Sachiko was born and raised in a small town in Japan. Back in those days, she rarely saw foreigners where she lived.  She started fantasizing about seeing other worlds. After high school, she came to the United States.  She studied English programs for foreigners at Arizona State University and earned her degree as an Art major.  Sachiko always loved figure drawing class.  After college graduation, Sachiko went back to Japan, and her next journey started a year later.  She had the opportunity to work in West Germany for 3 years.  After that, Sachiko moved back to the U.S.A., where she met her husband.  Ironically, his job moved them back to Japan, where they lived for 14 years, and then Hawaii for 3 years. They decided to sow their roots in California (where her husband’s family and their son live).

Sachiko says that she was always hesitant to spend time painting, because of the culture in her country.  But with strong support and encouragement from her husband and son, she started painting daily.  Sachiko mentioned that she couldn’t ask for a better location than Southern California for subject choices with bright sunlight, which Sachiko captures so well!

“Another Planet? No, Just Awesome Yellowstone!” by Clair Daugherty as seen on September 27, 2020

Early Native Americans have lived in Yellowstone area for over 10,000 years.  Yellowstone became the first National Park in 1872.  It is a very astounding place, with its hydrothermal and geologic wonders, as well as the wild animals that live there.

On a second trip to Yellowstone, Clair Daugherty and his wife, Shirley, were still amazed at what they saw.  As Clair says, “The geologic wonders change the landscape so dramatically, a person feels like they cannot be on Earth, but somewhere in space.  It even smells different; not so good.  Yellowstone is the largest volcanic system in North America with Old Faithful being most popular.  Of course, other park areas are a tranquil beauty with wild animals sprinkled about.”

Clair has been into photography since he was 10.  Even though it’s a hobby, Clair still has his pictures on display at the Sacramento County Administration Office and the Regional Treatment Plant.  His professional experience was with cameraman, Ed Ray, who worked for Channel 3.  Clair was coached by him on several annual projects, taking many pictures.  Clair is also a member of our CPC Art Committee.  His professional style really gives you a sense of the beautiful uniqueness, along with its tranquil beauty  of such a vast area.  It’s simply out of this world!

“Gloriously Golden” as seen on September 20, 2020

Sunset Photography by: Sheila Mun Jacobs, Priscilla(Dave) Mauerman, Clair Daugherty, Lori Keeney, Kathy Daigle, and Sharon MacLean

The Golden Hour:  When the Sun is close to the horizon (at sunrise or sunset), and its light appears warmer and softer.  This makes the Golden Hour also known as the “magical hour”.

What words come to mind when you see a sunset?

Calming – mystical – colorful – awe-inspiring – grateful – enriched – peaceful – sad – beautiful – spiritual – reflective – hopeful – amazed – brilliant – thankful – glowing – touched – glorious

… and many others

Although our sun sets a minute earlier each day, the immense heatwave of summer is still in our recent memory.  We pray for all this year as we move forward, into the changing season, when the Autumnal Equinox begins (officially next week).  In honor of the last days of summer, enjoy this collection of sunsets from several artists.

The Hour When the Sun Turns Magical:  If we take a minute to recall the variety of sunsets we have seen, isn’t it amazing how we still rejoice, cry, or smile, and give thanks for all that we are given and blessed with that day?  Let us all enjoy the gloriously Golden Hour of our lives.

“Meandering by Art” by Marianne Gonzales as seen on September 13, 2020

Sacramento artist Marianne Gonzales has been creating art for as long as she can remember.  She started painting in Junior High School, and loved it. Many years ago, she heard God’s call to begin using her art to help spread His Gospel and bring Him glory. While oil painting continues to be her favorite medium, she also does a lot of work in mixed media and acrylic.

Painting has been a calming and wonderful journey for Marianne.  Her artwork has been shown at galleries in California and Oregon, including the Crocker Art Museum.  Marianne is a former art docent at a local elementary school.  Her work has been published in Horizons and Worship Leaders magazines.  She curates a church Art of Faith gallery and annual art show.  She is very active in the Sacramento art scene including as a Community Coordinator for a project called CREAtE District 6.  This project celebrates and promotes diverse art in the South Sacramento area.  Marianne’s considerate time and incredible talents have enhanced many others’ lives of all age groups.

“California Land” by Jackie Keller as seen on September 6, 2020

Jackie Keller is friends with our CPC Art Committee, and we are happy to display her work.  Driving in the California Great Central Valley years ago, Jackie started viewing this land as paintings.  This recognition began her self-taught oil painting journey.  She felt that the strong values of oil paint could reflect the powerful, transcendent nature of God’s earth.  Jackie says that because color tends to be more emotionally powerful than form, she likes to capture the land’s vibrancy through value and hue; to embrace the essence of it.

Jackie sees this land as gorgeous; the expression of something special, even divine.  Her goal is that the viewer sees “beauty and true spirit” in places that are sometimes overlooked.  She sees something spectacular in many places, but especially in the picturesque area of the desert and Central Valley.

“God Gifts” by Sharon MacLean as seen on August 30, 2020

Sharon MacLean joined CPC in 1983.  She and her husband, Bruce, have two adult children, and have all been active in our congregation.  Among many beautiful talents, Sharon is a self-taught painter.  She started with painting glass Christmas ornaments, which branched out to other winter scenes.

This past March, during our shelter-in-place, Sharon was laid off from her job of 24 years. The week she was laid off, they replaced their old fence.  She told Bruce, “I’m going to ask the fence guys to save some old fence boards to paint on. Good therapy in stressful times.  God gifted me the love and talent to paint, and He gifted me free wood and time to paint when I needed to focus on something other than the pandemic. God is full of surprises, often just when you need it most.”  She posted a picture of her art on Facebook, where a friend saw it, and asked her to paint five for her yard. It just took off from there, as she has requests for them quite often.  God gifts us all in many ways.

“A Bit of Artistic Diversity” by Terry Sweeney as seen on August 23, 2020

Terry Sweeney was a budding artist all his life, drawing as a child, then eventually learning oil painting techniques later in life. His formal training came after dental school, marriage, a stint in the army, and 3 children.  Finally, his Dental Practice was established and they lived in Palmyra, N.Y (a small upstate canal town).  That’s when Terry had the time to take art courses (at Finger Lakes Community College and the Rochester Memorial Art Gallery).  Since then Terry has also dabbled in acrylics, oil pastels and encaustics.  In California now for over 12 years, he is still painting in a studio created by his wife Judy who enthusiastically encourages his art endeavors.

Terry says, “I am proud to serve on the CPC Art Committee and love helping to bring art to the members and their friends on a regular basis.”  And we are also glad to have Terry as a friend and member of our Art Committee at CPC!

“Watercolors” by David Peterson as seen on August 16, 2020.

David Peterson moved to Carmichael with his parents in 1956.  He attended High School at El Camino and La Sierra.  He took classes from both Kaneko brothers.  In 1962 he had his first one-man art show in the new library at American River Jr. College.

David Peterson, NCA MP, has paintings in private collections around the country.  Since 2002, the artist has been accepted into dozens of state-wide juried shows and has won over 100 awards.  David has also been accepted into California State Fair Fine Arts Exhibit, 8 out of the last 9 years.  David was honored to have been a Yosemite Art Center visiting artist 2012-17.

He is a past President of WASH, Inc., Sacramento’s watercolor club and has been awarded NCA Master Painter Signature status.  David was a staff member at Sacramento Fine Arts Center through 2018.  He is presently a volunteer at the Arts Center.  David’s work can be seen at Sacramento Fine Arts Center in Carmichael, Rancho Cordova City Hall, various regional art shows and venues.  The artist is proud to represent the Arts Center in Chamber of Commerce activities.

David portrays the familiar scenes of our neighborhood in a humorous and enigmatic way.  He shows you California landmarks, including urban scenes, the American River, and our neighborhood differently, simply and in a unique manner.

“Summer Fun” by Sheila Mun Jacobs as seen on August 9, 2020

Where did Sheila get her inspiration to paint skim boarding?  From active children and being an involved parent!  Skim boarding has been around for several decades.  It is similar to skateboarding and riding on a short surfboard all at once.  To ride it, one tosses the board into shallow water, jumps on the board and rides.  Oh, but there’s more!  There are competitions for skill levels in doing tricks, jumps, and riding rails, which takes strength, timing, balance, and the ability to endure all of the tumbles.

Both of Sheila’s children did well in their skim competitions in the river, and also did ocean skim!  Her intuitive creativity was sparked when she started taking photographs of her kids’ events.  Using oils as her medium, Sheila loved the way she could capture the action of the person, the movement of the water, along with the vegetation along the river.

“In Living Color” by Karen Orlando as seen on August 2, 2020.

Karen Orlando is a woman of many talents and a deep abiding faith.  With husband,She and her husband, Steve, have four children and have been CPC members for over 20 years. Karen has always been active in the church, teaching Adult Education classes and Vacation Bible School, writing and directing CPC drama productions, and helping with SOS and the Food Closet, to name only a few. She also enjoys the loving service of being an Elder and Deacon.

Her interest in painting began about seven years ago.  Her journey began as her way to help a best friend who had lost their only child.  As a form of therapy to help with such grief, they took art classes together.  They have been taking classes ever since!  In painting with acrylics, Karen believes that her painting is one of God’s gifts. She says, “Nothing happens on the canvas without the Holy Spirit filling my heart.  I could never paint on my own. God is good.”

“The World’s Landscape” by Ethel Coe as seen on July 26, 2020.

Ethel Coe and her husband, Jim, have three children and have been members of Carmichael Presbyterian Church for over 12 years.  They enjoy traveling abroad, and throughout most of the United States.  They have a goal of visiting all the states.  Ethel’s oil painting experience began when they saw an artist in Mendocino, and Ethel thought she would like to try her hand at painting “one day” as she laughed about it.  So that Christmas, Jim surprised her with some art supplies, and years later she started taking classes (although she is amazingly self-taught).  Ethel ‘s paintings were inspired from places they visited with special memories.  Many thanks to Jim who encouraged her to have an Art Show, and for Ethel’s beautiful gifts that she shares with us.

“Lighting the Way in the World” and “Reflections” by Karen Wellman Banker as seen on July 19, 2020.

Karen bought her first camera while teaching military dependent children in northern Japan.  She has traveled extensively all over the world, and loves capturing snapshots of people and places that depict their lives and their homelands.

With 3 grown children, Karen Wellman Banker and her husband, Bud, have been CPC Members for over 40 years.  While vacationing, she noticed her fascination toward all the different variety of lampposts in our world, and wanted to share special and unique ones in this show.   With a caring spirit, Karen always helps others in the community and wherever she goes.  She even began the Mustard Seed School many years ago when she noticed the homeless children while volunteering at Loaves & Fishes.  Karen truly sees the light reflected in us all, and also captures her talents in her landscape photos throughout the globe!

“In Every Season” by Kathy Daigle as seen on July 12, 2020

Kathy Daigle is a CPC member, artist, and spiritual director.  She enjoys being in nature, capturing glimpses of God’s gifts through her iPhone lens.   “In Every Season” reminds Kathy of Ecclesiastes 3:1-11, as it promises us “To everything there is a season and a purpose to everything under heaven.”  Her photos of colorful buds and blossoms is where she thinks of God who created the garden of Eden.  A place of beauty and peace, a place filled with wonder.  A garden to delight us in every season!  So, Breathe in.  Gaze with wonder.  See the beauty.  Give thanks.  Rejoice and be glad.  “God makes everything beautiful in His time.” Amen.

“God Bless Our USA” as seen on July 5, 2020

This Americana themed show reflects many artists members’ pictures; their travels in California and throughout the United States.  Although times are different right now, you will feel the celebration in your hearts as we take you on a journey – a small sample of the wonderful places in our nation, especially those right in our own town!   Also included are items handmade by talented artists: quilts, weavings, fabrics, paintings of oil, acrylic and pastel). All of these creations remind us of our wonderful heritage and the beauty of the nation in which we live. Happy 4th of July weekend!

“Fantasy Birds” by Sheila Mun Jacobs as seen on June 28, 2020

From the artist:

It seems that I am attracted to birds and I wasn’t fully aware of it until I started making bird sculptures and people pointing that out to me.

Then I pondered why that was?  I recollected the Bible verse where it says:

“Therefore, I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more important than food, and the body more important than clothes? Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?”

Maybe this verse in Matthew had some influence…

I also love the free flying spirit and their bird’s eye view of the world from the air. (Well, most of them) They are beautiful to look at and I think God had a lot of fun creating their variety of shape, color and plumage.

I also like the Audubon’s message: “Protect Birds and we protect the Earth.”

“The Sawdust Trail” by Bob Beckert & Clair Daugherty as seen on June 21, 2020

Bob Beckert is very talented in so many things.  In the area of woodworking, he excels in his craft.  It all started after he attended a woodworking show.  He loved it!   Bob joined the Sacramento Area Woodworkers where others helped him develop technique.  He jumped in and practiced, asking a lot of questions.  His entry in the Calif State Fair was honored with Fourth Place.  Scrolling (also known as fretwork) is Bob’s passion. Mahogany and Baltic Birch are his preferred materials.   Bob grew up in the Napa area, and was in both the U.S. Army and Air Force for 10 years combined.  He enjoyed a successful career as Corporate Credit Manager in the Wholesale Electric business.

Bob also enjoys golf and calligraphy.  He and Doris have been married 54 years and members of Carmichael for over 50 years now.

Clair Daugherty has an amazing talent for just about anything he touches.  In woodworking, he started his first step stool in high school.  Then he continued on his woodwork journey that included a coffee table, end tables, hutch, Murphy Bed-with two matching cabinets, wood lathe projects, and segmented bowls, to name a few!  Longtime friend and wood crafter, Bob Beckert, encouraged Clair to join the NorCal Woodturners Club in Sacramento.  Over the years, they have enjoyed learning a lot together, and especially from this type of club where experienced turners would offer mentoring and lessons.

Clair’s inspiration comes from many directions, including internet research.  Clair adds his own touches and wood selections from his expertise in unusual hard woods from all over the world.  Says Clair, “Selecting wood is often based on complementary hues and tones, a challenging aspect of wood turning”.

Clair has also dabbled in glass sculptures, and is a fabulous photographer (developed and printed pictures in his own darkroom years ago).  Yes, there will be more of his creative art talents to view in future shows.

Both Bob and Clair’s wood pieces have been graciously donated in support of our Annual Spring Auction, which helps the Youth’s Mission trip, Summer Camp, and Vacation Bible School each year.  We truly appreciate you both for sharing your unforgettable gifts in woodwork.

“Photos Past the Darkroom” by Craig Johnson as seen on June 14, 2020

The Gathering Place at CPC hosts rotating art shows, showcasing the creations of church members and community members throughout the year. The art show you didn’t get to see since COVID-19 closed the church campus was “Photos Past the Dark Room” by photographer, Craig Johnson.

Craig and his wife are good friends/neighbors of Priscilla Mauerman who nicely coordinated this show.  Craig enjoys both the art of photography and the process of bringing the image to paper.  He is a retired Chemical Engineer, now devoting more time to travel and photography.

Before the digital age, Craig started with film, built his own complete darkroom, enhanced and processed all his film and prints.  His photos included travel, wedding, sports, artisan and performance art photographs, mostly in black and white with some color photos.  Now digital, similar techniques are used, yet he enjoys more creative effects and color in this new age.  Craig has also published books, does photographic jewelry, has been in over 100 exhibits, and juried shows including KVIE Art Auction, Crocker Art Auction, and CA State Fair.   We are proud to display his amazing work!

To see some of Craig’s amazing photographs, check out the end of the worship livestream for June 14, 2020.

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